Learn How To Set Up All Your Business Online Tech Tasks. Without Having To Research & Get Lost In Google & YouTube
Do you see tech as something that you don't want to touch in case you break something?

What are you struggling with the most?
  • I'm new to the online business world and don't know where to start
  • I get confused and overwhelmed with all the information and tutorials
  • I'm sick of wasting time trying to figure it out
  • I'm just not very tech-savvy?
  • Don't talk to me about tech jargon... what the h.... is a pixel?
Are you so overwhelmed with all the online tech tasks that you just don't know where to start or how to set it all up?
Are you ready to pull your hair out or throw your computer out the window?
It's easy to get frustrated while trying to work out how to set up a system, complete a tech task, etc...

Are you just lacking the time to do your own research and learn from tutorials?
There are so many tutorials and blog posts to sort through to find the right one that will easily teach you what you want to know...
...Who has time for that?
It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused with all the tech know-how today...

...there are just too many online tech tasks needed for an online business...

I'm here to teach non-tech-minded people one-on-one...
Just. Like. You!
I can help you solve all your online tech problems
Hey, my name is Gail Thompson and I am the owner of Thompson Digital Solutions.
I know how hard it can be to wrap your head around all the online tech stuff needed for a business...

It can be confusing and very, very time-consuming.

But guess what? Even though I have times when I'm ready give-in, throw a tantrum and scream (so, your not the only one), I love it!

I'm a tech junkie! 

I can't get enough... in fact, that's all I do, every day, working on my computer... 

I love solving tech problems - I do it for a living!

I love the research, I love setting up platforms and systems, I love all the little tech tasks that are needed but are hard to do - that is, if you are not very tech-savvy.

But, here's the good news! I am... and I'm here to help with all your tech. I show you how...

I’ve always been very techie and computer-minded and my passion has always been to work in this industry. So I worked hard and have put a lot of hours in (I practically live at my computer) doing tutorials  and all things digital.

I’m continually improving my skills and love love love what I do. 

I’m dedicated to helping my clients and working with them to make their business become everything they envision. I work with you every step of the way through your project, no question is a silly question. I go over and beyond for my clients. And I can’t wait to work with you too! 
Don't just get someone to do it for you. Learn to do it yourself, with my one-on-one tech consultancy sessions
Here are just some of the things I can show you how to do yourself
Social Media Platforms set up and optimisation. Setup of Facebook Pixel
Email signature in Gmail

Redirection of domain names and websites

Pointing domain name servers to another host

Professional email setup - forwarder and outgoing mail
Systems setup 
Basic WordPress 
(If you are needing more than basic tutorials, I can also offer that as another service).
Software tutorials 
Blog Optimisation
Integrations & Zaps 
Email Opt-in Forms
And More... something else you need, just tell me
I can also guide you on what platforms and systems I recommend you use for your business
No more Wasted time.... searching online for blogs and YouTube video tutorials (that's my job)
No more Loosing money.... by not getting all those important  tech tasks completed 
No more Frustration... searching online and trying to figure it all out by yourself
Let's have a one-on-one tutorial session... 
I'll show you how to do all the online tasks that you wanted to learn but:
  • you don't have the time to do the research
  • you get lost & overwhelmed with all the information online
  • you're just not that tech savvy & afraid to try it yourself
You can choose a 1-hour session or a session package if you need more than one session
How It Works
  • Choose Your Session Package
  • Book & Schedule Your First Session
  • We Will Get on a Quick Call Prior to the Session to Go Over What You Want to Learn
  • I Can Come to You (if local) for our Tutorial Session or
  • We Can Get on a Zoom Call Where You Can See My Screen - this will be recorded to give to you after
Choose from the One-hour Session or Multiple Session Package
One-Hour Session
Your Place or Mine (if local)
Zoom Call - recorded for you to keep
Three 1-hour Sessions
Your Place or Mine (if local)
Zoom Call - recorded for you to keep
Three 1-hour sessions - separated for less overwhelm or
One 3-hour session - to learn everything at once
Five 1-hour Sessions
Your Place or Mine (if local)
Zoom Call - recorded for you to keep
Five 1-hour sessions - separated for less overwhelm or
Break up the sessions to suit you
These packages will not stay at these reduced prices for long...
I can only take on so many sessions in a week, so spots are limited...
FOR SUPPORT ISSUES OR QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL US AT support@thompsondigitalsolutions.com.au
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