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Automate your marketing, Generate leads and Create more sales with our done-for-you funnel service
Are you having trouble gaining leads and generating sales for your business? 

Is your current marketing plan working well?

Is your website converting like it should?
  • Not sure how funnels work?
  • Not even sure what they are?
  • Don't have the time or patience?
  • There's got to be a better way to grow your business!
  • Need leads & sales now!
You had your website beautifully built but no one buys from it! 
Why isn't my website converting?
People have too many options on websites. There's so many different links and things to choose from. It's confusing!
"Confused people always say NO"

Websites are good for a business/shop/home base, for people to browse products and to find out information about a business. So, yes, they are still a valuable online asset for all businesses. But if you want more leads and conversions to grow your business faster, you need funnels as well.
What's so different about funnels?
Why do they convert better?
Funnels focus on only one service or product at a time. And then leads the customer through the buying process. There are no extra links to other pages, options or confusing navigation. Their eyes don't wonder all over the page, trying to decide which link to click on. There is no more confusion, so the customer will be more likely to buy.

What Is A Marketing Funnel
A marketing or sales funnel takes a potential customer or client through the process of discovering your business to purchasing your products or services.

It's a step-by-step path visitors are lead through to get to your products or services. This system is highly automated which is tracked  throughout their journey.
A marketing funnel is having the best salesperson in the world, automated and selling your product, offer or service 24 hours a day. 

It is the quickest way to generate leads and turn them into sales.

The prospects are attracted to the top of your funnel, through a free offer, low-cost offer or valuable content. They then become aware of your business. 

They can either continue on the path which the funnel leads them on - the next offer, or they leave the path after the first offer or content.

By collecting emails in the first offer, the prospects become leads which can be nurtured until they know like and trust you and ultimately become loyal customers.
Why Your Business Needs Funnels
Do you want –
  • to have your marketing automated to save you time and be able to work in your business and not on it?
  • to get your business – products or services found online?
  • to make prospects aware of your business and offers?
  • to automate the customer buying journey?
  • to generate leads?
  • to create sales?
  • to grow your business fast?
  • to 10x your business with automated sales?
  • to attract the right market/demographic to your products & services?
  • your targeted audience who don’t know you, find you,  get to know you and trust you so they will become loyal buying customers?
  • to launch an online product or course, sell your services or products to your ideal client?
Marketing funnels are the best form of marketing your business to get found by people who need your product or service to solve their problems.
No More Wasted Time.... trying to generate leads through non-automated marketing methods.
No More Wasted Money.... on advertising and marketing methods that don't work
No More Frustration...while trying to generate leads & grow your business the hard way
Funnels are a combination of -
Web pages, including:
landing pages
sales pages
order forms
thank you pages
webinar pages
Emails and Messages
Email Sequences
Welcome Emails
Nurture Emails
Messenger Bots
Social media
So many other forms of traffic
A sales funnel uses marketing and psychology to help convert your prospects into buyers more quickly than a website.
Sales Funnel Design, Build & Strategy
This service is for you if you want to :
  •  automate your business marketing
  •  get your business – products or services found online.
  • have the best form of marketing to turn cold prospects into hot sales .
  • attract the right market/demographic to your products & services.
  •  get your targeted audience who don’t know you, find you, know you and trust you so they will become loyal buying customers.
  •  launch an online product or course, sell your services or products to your ideal client.
  •  stop confusing your potential clients or customers with too many options to choose from.
What Can Be Included...
All Design, Copy, Tech And Setup Of:
  • Landing Pages for opt-ins /Lead Magnets
  • The Opt-in/freebie Design themselves
  • Email nurture/welcome sequences
  • Sales Pages for Tripwires /Up-sells/OTO/etc
  • Long form sales page for your signature/core offer
  • Thank you pages with or without Order Bumps
  • Order forms
  • Confirmation pages
  • Funnel optimisation
  • Funnel management & reports
  • Optimised blog content
  • Membership/Course Area
  • Any other pieces needed
Branded Graphic Design
  • Beautiful on-brand graphics for your digital marketing
  • Customised ad graphics – to grab attention
  • Gorgeous sales and landing pages that don’t look cookie cutter – (good design sells better)
  • Optimised formatting – to keep those eyes on the page
  • Font and graphics that sync with your brand – for a powerful, professional presence
  • Design of PDF's, E-books, Quizzes, Workbooks, etc
Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • 30-90 Day Campaign
  • Pixel placement on all your web pages to gather the intel you need to find your best prospects
  • Audience Research
  • Targeted audience setup
  • Initial testing of 48 hrs to assess audiences
  • Monitor ads for 30 days with weekly updates to client and minor tweaks to continue optimising
If you sign up for Click funnels through my link, you will also get:
Bonus #1 - valued at $499
Lead generation funnel built on your Click funnels account, which includes:
  •  Design of your free offer/lead magnet - PDF, eBook, cheat sheet, checklist, workbook, etc
  • Opt-in landing page design, tech and build
  •  Design of thank you page, tech and build
Bonus #2 - valued at $150
All integrations & tech setup, which includes:
  •  Integration with your email service provider - e.g. ConvertKit, MailChimp, etc
  •  Domain setup (domain cost not included)
  •  Payment gateway setup - Stripe
  •  SMTP setup (if required)
Bonus #3 - valued at $250
Follow up email sequence
  •  Welcome or nurture sequence setup
  • Up to five emails
  • Interval setup
  • Images uploads and social media embeds
Bonus #4 - valued at $850 per funnel
Migration from other platform - e.g. LeadPages - for Actionetics Account Subscriptions only & if applicable
  • All funnel pages which are set up in other platforms will be copied and redesigned into Click funnels
  • All required tech setup for each funnel
Sign up for a two week trial with Click Funnels and receive my added bonuses after purchase
Click Funnels is the marketing software for creating every type of funnel and web page, membership/course area. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer a guarantee?
 We are creating a valuable digital asset, but we are only the part of any business equation and while we truly believe they will change your business, we cannot offer guarantees on them. 
What do I get out of it, with no guarantee?
You are investing in your business. You will have a foundation & a presence online that will give your business the best chance to be visible and get found by your target market. You will have tangible digital assets on the web. Marketing online gives you more control and more data than any other marketing medium. 
How does this service work, what are the steps taken?
We start with an initial consultation call to find a bit about each other. From there, you will receive a business intensive questionnaire which will help us learn more about your company, its goals, its products & offers, its strengths, and its weaknesses. We’ll really get to know your target audience. We’ll also carefully inspect the strategies of your competitors. We’ll take all of this information and consolidate it into a flexible marketing strategy and find the right type of funnel designed to grow your business.
Of course, a great marketing strategy is never done. We’re constantly making both little tweaks and major adjustments to our clients’ marketing strategies.
Will we work together?
We will definitely be working closely together on all parts of the project. Nobody knows your business as you do. I’m here to help with the strategy by going through ideas, etc with you. I will then implement all the design, tech, copy, etc but it will only be published or launched after your approval. You get to review everything first. 
What tools do I require for you to create the projects?
We use Click Funnels, which is by far the best marketing software on the market. It features all and any web pages needed to build out a funnel, payment gateways, membership and course areas, email automation (depending on the subscription). 
If you only purchase the $97 a month Click funnels plan, you will also need an email automated service provider, we recommend ConvertKit. Both come with free trials. 
Is everything included in your packages?
Yes, if you sign up for a package. Everything you see in the package is included. Design, Copy, Tech and Set-up.

Monthly Retainer Package: 
Any service found on the website is included in the above monthly package. If you sign up as a monthly retainer client, you can rely on us to do any of the mentioned services when needed, within reason. We will treat your business like it is our own. If we can't get to a task or project immediately, it will be our priority a.s.a.p. Find out more about how it works here...
Work with us now to generate leads, create sales and grow your business - all on automation while you work on business doing what you love. 
If you want a complete customised funnel, book a strategy consultation.
Get visible online now!
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